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The Dee Miller Band is one of Minnesota’s finest blues bands. Fronted by Miller, known in the Twin Cities as “The Duchess of the Blues,” the band also includes the talented Craig Clark (vocals/guitar), Eric Meyer (bass/vocals), Mike DuBois (drums), and Jesse Mueller (keyboards). The band advanced to the semi-finals at the 2019 International Blues Challenge and after listening to Leopard Print Dress, the band’s third release, one might wonder why they didn’t advance further. Ms. Miller has a powerful and supremely soulful set of pipes and the band is proficient in a variety of blues styles.

The album’s ten tracks are a mix of blues, soul, and R&B, beginning with the jumping “Hot and Sweaty,” a rollicking original from Miller and Clark, then getting funky with Etta James’s (via Bekka Bramlett and Gary Nicholson) “Strongest Weakness.” The group transforms the Eagles’ “Take It To The Limit” into a soul burner, Miller’s power-packed performance giving the song a new pair of legs. The title track won the Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame award for Best Song in 2017; co-written by Miller and Jimi “Primetime” Smith, this excellent blues rocker features vocals from Miller and Clark (who sound great together) and a sizzling slide guitar run from Paul Mayasich. Meanwhile, the hard-charging, horn-fueled “Back In The Saddle” was written by Kelley Jean Hunt.

Clark takes the mic for the Johnnie Taylor hit “Last Two Dollars” and positively kills it, while Miller ably handles the swinging shuffle “I Sing The Blues” (with harp from Steve “Boom Boom” Vonderharr) and gives a tender but tough performance on the Tedeschi Trucks Band’s “Midnight In Harlem,” which also features Vonderharr along with Toby Marshall on B3. Clark and the band revisits the funky side of the blues with a stirring take on Albert Collins’ “Black Cat Bone,” and Miller closes the disc with “Steppin’,” a driving blues dedicated to all her girlfriends done wrong.

Leopard Print Dress is a strong set of blues and R&B. The vocal combination of Miller and Clark works really well, with both shining solo and in tandem, and the band is first rate from start to finish. Put the Dee Miller Band’s latest release on your “must hear” list. 

--- Graham Clarke

Keys and Chords Magazine

Minneapolis became musically known in the 1980s as a center for Rhythm and Blues when the versatile Prince grew to fame. But the twin-city region has long been known for the descendence of remarkable modern folk music, gospel, blues, alto and jazz artists. Dee Miller grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Sang with her favorite vocalists and was a member of many local bands that received the title "The Duchess of The Blues". In 2004 she formed her own band. In the fall of 2018, the Minnesota Blues Society included Dee Miller in the Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame in the "Performer" category. Together with the rhythm section of Eric Meyer (bass, vocals), Mike DuBois (drums) and keyboard virtuoso Jesse Mueller, Dee Miller went to the Villa Studio and recorded ten unsurpassed songs. The razor-sharp original and creative covers reflect the diversity in the band's repertoire. The track 'Hot & Sweaty' can open the dance and is imitated in the funky 'Strongest Weakness' and the ballad' Take It To The Limit, originally from The Eagles. In the rocking title track, Craig Clarck can take care of the vocal parts and the boogie woogie track 'Back In The Saddle' comes popping through our woofer. The song 'Last Two Dollars' is a handsome soul alteration by Clarck's vocals. Harp devil artist Steve "Boom Boom" Vonderharr is allowed to blow the song 'I Sing The Blues' and Toby Marshall comes down with his Hammond B3 on the beautiful cover ballad of 'Midnight In Harlem', a song by Derek Trucks and Mike Mattison. Albert Collins' 'Black Cat Bone' gets funky arrangements and flows straight to the obscene blues song 'Steppin'. Delicious disc! ~Philip Verhaege (4 ½)

B Man Blues Report

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Leopard Print Dress, by Dee Miller Band and it is a mover. Opening with swinging boogie, Hot And Sweaty, Dee Miller takes the lead on vocal with Craig Clark on vocal and guitar, Eric Meyer on bass and vocal, Jesse Mueller on smoking hot keys and Mike DuBois on drums. Cool opener. A cover of the Eagles, Take It To The Limit,is a surprise with just a slight rework of the original arrangement but with exceptional gospel styling to the vocals and key piano accents by John Pinckaers giving the track real oomph. Excellent. Rocker, Leopard Print Dress has a really strong drive that will force you into a dancing groove. Mueller leads on piano boogie Back In The Saddle with Miller stepping back, still providing lead vocal but giving center stage to Mueller, Steve Clarke on sax and Kevin Nord on trumpet. Soul track, Last Two Dollars is another of my favorites on the release with great feel. Exceptional lead vocal and guitar on this track really stand tall. I love not only the funky beat but the smoldering organ work of Mueller and the sweet guitar soloing of Craig Clark on Black Cat Bone. Wrapping the release is Steppin', a deep rooted blues track along the lines of Tobacco Road and Miller really gives it a workout. This is a solid release from an indie band. ~BMan


Big City Blues Magazine

Ms Dee Miller has been a long time Midwestern Diva running her own band for fifteen years earning the title “The Duchess of the Blues” in her hometown of St Paul, Minnesota and will be representing Minnesota at the 2019 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Dee Miller’s band features Craig Clark on guitar, lead and backing vocals, Eric Meyer bass, vocals, Jesse Mueller keyboards and Mike DuBois drums. For a petite woman Dee has a powerful, full-bodied voice and her latest release “Leopard Print Dress” is a real knockout.
The band kicks off the party with an original, getting the house rocking, you can almost hear the glasses clink as the piano swings and Dee growls, lets get “Hot And Sweaty.” Craig Clark starts off the lead vocal intro on “Leopard Print Dress” written by Miller and former bandmate Jimi ‘Primetime’ Smith then lets Dee work her skirt as Paul Mayasich lets fly a slide solo. Funky keys and wah wah guitar churn through Bekka Bramlett’s “Strongest Weakness” as Dee comes on full force overpowering this funky bunch. Then Mueller gets a chance to strut his boogie woogie piano chops as Dee jumps on Kelly Jean Hunt’s “Back In The Saddle,” taking charge with a full horn section to boot. Then easing back, the dueling keys of John Pinekaers’ piano and Toby Marshall’s organ, it’s Dee’s deep intense vocals that “Take It To The Limit,” building a gospel intensity so soulful it took a while to realize this was an Eagles song. The dueling keys continue as Dee gets lowdown, pulling the pathos from Johnny Taylor’s “Last Two Dollars” as Clark’s subtle background vocals and powerful guitar solos are a big payoff. Ms Miller truly makes “I Sing The Blues” her own as Steve ‘Boom Boom’ Vonderherr weaves a lonesome harp around her vocals and Clark’s guitar gives a rolling rhythm and stabs of punctuation. Drifting to a gentle sway, Dee croons over Marshall’s light organ and Boom Boom’s harp as the cymbals dance around the rhythm and soulful backing vocals chime in like a horn section with Dylan Salfer playing some wonderful slide guitar on Derek Trucks’ “Midnight In Harlem.” Craig Clark steps to the front on vocals for Albert Collins “Black Cat Bone” as John Pinekaers sprinkles some juju on piano and Clark lays down some heavy mojo on his solo, driving his vocals to the edge. Then Craig throws down a heavy riff as Miller moans and cries that her man has been “Steppin’” out as the piano plunks out a protest and the guitar gives a thunderous reply till Dee steps in to set things straight.
The Dee Miller Band’s latest CD, “Leopard Print Dress,” ain’t just a frilly frock, these blues are the real thing. —Roger & Margaret White


Nashville Blues and Roots Alliance 



Dee Miller grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, and her powerful singing voice drew her into the fold of several local-area bands, where she earned her nickname of “Duchess Of The Blues.”  Her tireless work within the Minnesota blues community also got her elected into the Minnesota Blues Hall Of Fame in 2018.

The Dee Miller Band has just released their third album, “Leopard Print Dress” which features ten cuts of originals and covers all of which are full of the hi-octane,  soul-drenched R & B she’s been playing throughout her career.  Joining Dee on this excursion, we have Craig Clark on guitars and vocals, Eric Meyer on bass, Jesse Mueller on keys, and Mike DuBois on drums.

The dance floor’s gonna fill up fast, with the jump of the leadoff cut, “come on, baby, let’s get Hot And Sweaty!”  Craig turns up the wah-wah and Dee turns up the heat as she channels her funkiest Etta James in the story of giving up all her vices except for her lover, that one “Strongest Weakness.”  The pace slows, but the soulfulness stays strong on a beautiful, nearly-sanctified version of “Take It To The Limit,” while Craig takes the vocal turn on a smokin’ read of Johnnie Taylor’s iconic “Last Two Dollars!”

Favorites were everywhere, but we settled on two.  Mr. Mueller lets his left hand do the talkin’ over Dee’s vocal on the boogie-woogie romp of “Back In The Saddle,” then Dee and Craig playfully spar on the title cut, where “nothin’ says “COUGAR” like a Leopard Print Dress and high-heeled shoes!”

The holidays are over, and the IBC’s are on the horizon.  The Dee Miller Band will be there, reppin’ for the Minnesota Blues Society.  Go up to ’em and say hey, and that you read about ’em from us, and buy a copy of “Leopard Print Dress” from the “Duchess Of The Blues!”   Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance.  


Chris Spector, Midwest Record


Leopard Print Dress: A hard blues rocking white gal with the blues that's here for the party and likes being the center of the action. A rollicking good time album by the Minnesota Duchess of the Blues that has earned her spot in the local blues hall of fame, this is text book example of how to make the good times roll. Sometimes the only message the music needs to carry is "boogie!!!". She knows and shows how to get it done.


The Mystery Train 
Dee Miller Band  “Leopard Print Dress”    

Now what a performer Ms Miler is! Fearsome vocals, a blistering soulful approach to the songs and a take no hold approach to letting the world know, she is a serious performer. And the band behind her. Just brilliant !  A powerful ensemble that create their own intensity and class with some mesmerizing lead guitar solos, powerful and funky rhythm section and jumping keyboards . It’s a great album and demonstrates what a powerful force they are in the Midwest blues scene. ~David Roman~ 2SSRFM 99.7

Flying Shoes Review

Dee has been called “The Duchess Of The Blues” in her native Minneapolis, and here she lives up to that title with a strong, powerful and energetic set of gritty blues and soul. Etta James is obviously a strong influence, as can be heard not only on the sixties rhythm and blues sound of ‘Strongest Weakness’, with Craig Clark supplying some fiery wah wah guitar, but also with a gospel flavoured reworking of The Eagles’ classic ‘Take It To The Limit’, which Etta also covered. These two follow the aptly titled opener, ‘Hot And Sweaty’, and lead into the rocking title track, an infectious duet between Dee and Craig, and the boogie-woogie of ‘Back In The Saddle’, also featuring fine sax work. ‘Last Two Dollars’ is a fine rendition of this soul-blues classic, ‘I Sing The Blues’ is just that, and The Tedeschi/ Trucks number ‘Midnight In Harlem’ is nicely wistful, with lovely harmonica by Steve “Boom Boom” Vonderharr behind Dee’s wonderfully soulful vocal. ‘Black Cat Bone’ gets a jazzy, funky feel very much in the vein of Albert Collins, and Craig’s vocal fits like a glove. This very entertaining and convincing album closes out with a tough version of Café RnB/ Mary Jo Curry’s ‘Steppin’’ with everyone taking Dee and Craig’s lead and getting down-home and gritty on this grinding blues. ~Norman Darwen~

Blue Monday Monthly 

“Leopard Print Dress” is the third release from The Dee Miller Band; a favorite in the Midwest. DMB is fronted by ‘The Duchess of the Blues’, Dee Miller (Vocals/ percussion; 2018 Mn Blues Hall of Fame inductee as Best Blues Performer), and features Craig Clark (Guitar/ Vocals), Eric Meyer (Bass/ Vocals), Jesse Mueller (Keyboards), and Mike DuBois (Drums). The current line up of the band illustrates why they are a highly sought after act this side of the Mason Dixon line. Their stage show is as tight, polished and satisfying as you would desire.

“Leopard Print Dress” was recorded at The Villa Studios, Produced and Engineered by John Wright; co-produced by Mike DuBois (Dee’s husband); and mixed by Greg Reiserson at Rare Form Mastering. It features Dee’s rich, textured, powerful vocals with a couple originals, (title song which was voted as Song of the Year by the Minnesota Blues Society Hall of fame Committee 2017; and ‘Hot and Sweaty’), as well as eight perfectly picked covers.The CD opens with original ‘Hot and Sweaty’ (an ode to the joy of performing on a sun drenched stage in the heat of summer). It is upbeat, engaging and extremely, butt shakingly danceable. The chorus of “Let’s Get Hot and Sweaty, c’mon people get ready…” demands crowd participation.‘Strongest Weakness’ is a Bekka Bramlett tune that keeps the party rolling at full steam. Followed up by the Don Henley penned anthem, ‘Take It To The Limit’; it features a back and forth between Dee and Craig Clark, as well as stellar harmonies from the rest of the boys. This powerful ballad grabs you and holds you tight. Award winning ‘Leopard Print Dress’ (co-written by past DMB alumnus Jimi ‘Primetime’ Smith) kicks you back out onto the dance floor, inspiring sweat drenched, free wheelin’ fun. ‘Back In The Saddle’ is a sweet rompin’ tune, featuring Jesse Mueller and guest B-3 ace Toby Marshall; blending in beautiful sax by Steve Clarke, and Kevin Nord on trombone, trumpet and sax.The rhythm is slowed back down to a great cheek to cheek song, ‘Last Two Dollars’, written by Big George Jackson; and features Craig Clark’s powerful vocals. Keeping things solidly driving, ‘I Sing The Blues’ features Steve ‘Boom Boom’ Vonderharr on harp and Dee’s relentless, hard charging vocals. ‘Midnight In Harlem’ is a smokey, jazz tinged ballad; again featuring ‘Boom Boom’ on harp and Toby on Hammond B-3. High steppin’ again with the popular standard ‘Black Cat Bone’, Craig kicks it off with a beautiful baritone bent and showcases his stellar six string chops. John Pinkaers guest spots on jumpin’ piano. The tenth and final track is the down and dirty ‘Steppin’’, (which Dee dedicates to all her women friends out there), is a cautionary tale about those lowdown dirty and cheatin’ men you meet in the single world. Once again Pinkaers’ piano provides a perfect counterpoint to Craig’s amazing fret work.

If you are lookin’ for REAL GOOD TIME, you have found it in The Dee Miller Band and ‘Leopard Print Dress’. A highly recommended addition to your collection!


Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro 

Leopard Print Dress" is the third release from The Dee Miller Band. The band is based out of Minnesota and unless you're from there, or attend the International Blues Challenge on a regular basis, you may not be aware of how supportive Minnesotans are of the blues. Considering the state ranks somewhere around number twenty in the population charts, it's my opinion there isn't any other state that has more fans in Memphis during the event. If you don't believe me just be at the top of Beale Street at 3:00 PM on IBC Friday and you'll see. That's where the masses...and I do mean masses... of the Minnesota Blues Society gather for their annual IBC photo. Speaking of that, The Dee Miller Band will be competing at this year's event as the representative of that very society.

The Dee Miller Bands consists of: Dee Miller - The Duchess of the Blues - on vocals; Craig Clark on vocals and guitar; Eric Meyer on bass and vocals; Jesse Mueller on keyboard and Mike DuBois on drums. Additional musicians on the project include: Toby Marshall on Hammond organ; John Pinckaers on piano; Paul Mayasich on steel slide guitar; Steve Clarke on tenor sax; Kevin Nord on screech trumpet, tenor sax, trumpet and trombone: Steve "Boom Boom" Vonderharr on blues harp; Dylan Saifer on slide guitar; and John Wright on tambourine; Covering several style of blues, the album contains two originals mixed in with eight very interestingly done covers.

One sure way to get "Hot And Sweaty" is to head to a crowded dance floor and uncontrollably shake your booty to some sizzling music. This is that sizzling music! This original track features everything you need to get moving: hot and sweaty rhythm with some wild organ and piano leads and a powerfully infectious chorus line in which Dee encourages everyone with "Let's get hot and sweaty, c'mon baby get ready". Great way to open up.

Showing the bands versatility, Dee and the guys took The Eagles' "Take It To The Limit" (Henley/Meisner/Frey) and totally turned it into a hymn. With John Pinckaers' absolutely beautiful piano performance leading the peaceful rhythm mood, it's the vocals that shine on this one. With admirable supporting and background vocals going on with and behind her, Dee puts on an impeccable display of range as she absolutely belts this one out of the park.

The original and title track - "Leopard Print Dress" is another one you could easily get hot and sweaty to. Lyrically, this smoker is pretty much a self-promo for what you can expect at a Dee Miller show. It starts off with Craig setting it up with...
"Well she walked into the club, people were all in a rage.
There she was, like a wildcat out of the cage.
She had the joint jumping, my heart beating out of my chest,
Everybody loves the lady in the leopard print dress." Then Dee takes over from there with...
"Well they call me the Duchess, I'm shootin' straight from the hip.
When I take the stage you know it's gonna be a number one hit.
I'm belting out the blues, you know I do my best,
I said they call me the Duchess, I'm the lady in the leopard print dress."
And right there is a big reason why I will have the Dee Miller Band circled in my IBC program.

This track credits Kelly Hunt as the composer but there are other songs out there with the same, or very similar names, that were written by others. That said, I will tell you this is NOT your Gene Autry version of "Back In The Saddle". That horse of his couldn't run fast enough to keep up this pace. After one hell of a boogie woogie piano intro by Jesse Mueller, Dee belts out the very sound advice of "Snap on your seat belt and hold on tight, we're gonna go for a ride tonight" - and once the horns kick in and set the rhythm on fire, there's no looking back.

One of the first bands I started following after moving to Florida nearly forty years ago was Junior Drinkwater and the Thirst Quenchers". Junior's rendition of "Last Two Dollars" was one that forever makes me think of him whenever I hear the song. With a powerful and soulful voice very similar to Juniors, after hearing Craig belt out his version of the song I've got to thank for him for not only killing it but for reminding me of my old friend and putting a big smile on my face as well.

Perhaps the most beautifully done track of the bunch is "Midnight In Harlem" (M. Mattison/D. Trucks). It's one of those stop what you're doing, sit back, relax, focus completely on the music and just allow it to work its magic on you kind of ballad. Everything about this song from the heavenly vocals of Dee and the background singers as well; to Boom Boom's velvety harp leads; to the soothing rhythm; to the faint tambourine in the background; is mesmeric.

Other tracks on this dynamite disc include: "Strongest Weakness" (B. Bramlett/G. Nicholson), "I Sing The Blues" (E. Bridgeman/P. Wooten), "Black Cat Bone" (K. C. Douglas/A. Collins) and "Steppin'" (B. & R. Carruthers).

I know that a lot of the musicians I heard on this disc will not be a part of Dee's IBC ensemble but with that said, if whomever she brings bangs out anything like I just heard here, I know they'll be going deep into the competition. 

To find out more about Dee Miller please go to, and if you've not yet received a copy for airplay please contact Betsie Brown at Regardless of whom you contact, please tell them the Blewzzman sent you.